Creating a rounded bar chart in tableau for visualization

ar charts are a very basic way to represent the data. Sometimes you need to do it in an attractive manner. Rounded bar charts make your dashboard interesting just by adding some more steps. Let’s see how can do it.

Step 1:

For this visualization, we are using the sales by subcategory. In the first step drop sub-category in row shelf and Sum(sales) in column shelf. We will get the horizontal bar chart as a result. Change the view from standard to entire view.

Step 2:

Make the bar chart in descending order then turn on the labels and match them to mark color.

Step 3:

For a simpler view add the category to the filter shelf and let take furniture and office supplies.


Now add calculation avg(0) on the column shelf by double-clicking and taking that field and put above the sales axis so that we get a combined axis chart. The result is the sales field automatically changed to measure values and the tableau automatically added measure names on rows shelf.

Step 5:

Now change marks to the line and add measure names to the path shelf. Increase the size to a certain level to get a rounded bar chart and go to the label and make marks to label field to line ends and alignment to middle right. Now we get the rounded bar chart.

Step 6:

Now in the final step, we can make some changes to make the chart visually good. In the format menu make grid lines to none and zero lines to none.

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