Conditional Column in Power BI

top writing the Dax for the Conditional value use conditional function in power BI

For this we can take sales date in that the product category in that we have three elements we are going to convert That as conditional column

Follow the Steps to create a condition column in Power BI

  1. While Transforming date we have the Add column table

2.In that We have a conditional column Select Add Column > Conditional Column.

3.The Add Conditional Column dialog box appears to help you create a syntactically correct formula:

if condition then expression else expression

4.In the New column name box, enter a unique name for your new conditional column. In the example, we change the name from Product Category to Product Number.

5.In the Column name list box, select a column name. In the example, we select Product Category, which is a list of Product Categories

6.In the Operator list box, select an operator. In the example, we select equal.

7.Optionally, add a final else expression. You can enter a value, another column, or a parameter.

8.Select Ok

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