Create dynamic sets by using set actions

oday we’re going to be covering a new feature in Tableau that is the ability to dynamically add and remove items from a set and how you can use this in a visualization.


→If we wanted to create a new set out of product subcategory and this is all part of the superstore sample data set you should have in the Tableau data sources if we wanted to create a set we just right click on subcategory and click the create pill to click the set.


→We go down here to set. And then we would be able to add and remove items from a set as we wanted to say. We just wanted these top few things in our set. And then we have created our set.


→The first thing after we create a set we’re going to create two different visualizations. One is going to be a time series.

→Using the order date on the column shelf and then we’re going to drag out sales to rows.

→We’re have to just expand this so we get a nice monthly piece.

→Then turn this into a bar graph.


→We have going ahead and turn that into a nice looking bar graph here for us with this is just the sales overtime so the sales by month for 2018 through 2021.

→And next we have to create another sheet2. I’m going to add a slightly different view of this, so we’re going to take region out to our rows shelf without full regions here and we’re going to add quantities to columns.

→And same as we have to create a sets for regions named it as region set.


And go back to sheet 1 use the region set and drag that to marks card in color box.


→Create a dashboard and then drag out both of our two sheets here.

→We’re going to go up here to dashboard. We’re going to create a new action. and add change to set values.

→After creating a set action click ok.

→When we click on a region it will highlight it in the bar graph below


If you select just west and east and you can see that the numbers will change dynamically too. So every time we click on one of these sets we get a number both for what’s in the set and what’s left.

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